We Do


Web Shows offers

A professional interface using cloud-based broadcasting, as well as full-service production. Performances can be pre-recorded and streamed, or can be done in real-time with audience interaction through comments, polls, quizzes, and additional AV elements. You can stream directly from your home or office, or make use of our studio space. We also provide access to technical, camera and sound crew.





Organisations have the option of an info- and/or entertainment experience tailored for their staff, clients or both, using Web Shows’s unique service offering. We provide the following additional services for corporate events:

• setting up the platform (including customising and including your CI elements)

• dealing with the registration & mailing to your clients pre- and post-event

• analytics reporting

• providing a link to a replay of the event (for any of your guests who we unable to join)

• editing of any AV material pre and post the event

• customer technical support

• procurement of talent if required




Web Shows manages the entire technical and back-end process from opening of bookings to the running of a smooth, hassle-free streaming service. We are meticulous about the customer interface points, and we work diligently to provide a slick and professional service.